Batman: Arkham Origins-party @ Carré


Batman: Arkham Origins-party @ Carré

Not being in full health can cause a drop in excitement to attend a release event for a game. This was however countered the moment we arrived at the venue,’de Carré’. What was the reason for the sudden change in mood? Well the decoration fit the theme quite well. We found our way past a surly looking batman in a grotto like entrance with lights flashing and bats hanging from the ceiling.

In the main room, hanging from the pillars supporting the upper decks, little wanted posters of various villains where hung. Stating exactly for what reason they should be avoided, and their fysical and personal traits and attributes. We hadn’t realized the full scale of the venue. Not having scouted the place we jokingly made remarks about being able to test the game to the beat. We thought this to be a low priority seeing as this wasn’t so much a preview for the press as more of a release party, and seeing as it was, what with basically every gamer in front of his console with the game in it, we thought they wouldn’t bother. We thought wrong, later on, after walking around the room we discovered that they had filled the upper deck with Playstation 3 consoles with the games in them.

A dutch mucisian had made a video clip for the video game. We were presented this, after a commentator briefed us on the workings of the night.  In the invite we had been given a hint, which the dress code was: Batman. Though I’d given it dressing up a miss, the people on the venue that were dressed up were meticulous about their makeup and their costumes.  Of course those people would be rewarded later on the night. After some game time, in which Batman was taking out the trash on the beat of the overhead music, we took our business downstairs and awaited the prize nominations. 5 people had been selected and at first only 4 people took the stage, and then a little surprise came up as all of a sudden 6 people stood before the crowd. What followed was a battle of applause. The person to garner the most positive noise was the person to go home with best goodies. One of them was a collector’s edition of the game on Xbox360. After this little contest, the usual crowd that fill the dance floor on Friday nights started pouring in and we left filled with glee at the prospect of the game, and glad we had been able to be a part of the event.

Article by: Bart Verbeke

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