Jimmy Eat World – 17 Nov. 2013


Ever since the nineties, Jimmy Eat World has grown out to be icons of Alternative rock.
Ten studioalbums and a huge amount of songs with such variety that every possible human emotion is covered, there is no soul on this planet who can’t relate to at least one of their songs.
With the release of their newest album „Damage”, they released a new gem of highest quality.
Thanks to the very nice people at AB -Brussels we were able to join in on the fun!

Sadly the traffic towards Brussels was about the only thing letting us down this evening. We were however just in time to catch a last glimpse of Rival Schools. A support act that, for once, seamed to fit in perfectly with the main act. A pretty recent band (early 2000) that, to us, seems a bit to unknown in these regions. We were glad that they were here to show us just what they got.

After a short break, the room started to fill up with an excited crowd that couldn’t wait for the gig to start. Lights go down and the show started. However „show” isn’t exactly the word we are looking for to explain what a Jimmy Eat World gig is all about. No-nonsense setting, no big fireworks, … Nothing fancy like that, just a gig about the music, and after all, isn’t that why we are here?

From Bleed American to Always Be and in-between an acoustic set with Hear You Me. An evening full of great music without compromise. In between the classics they threw some new songs, which the crowd seemed to really enjoy. There was no fan, were it old-school or new-school, who got left out. And from the front row, everybody seemed to be an old/or/new-school fan because no song was left out if it came up to every fan singing along.

Of course some songs were more know then others but that didn’t stop the crowd from trying to sing a long as loud as they could. I think that the guys from Jimmy Eat World, like other bands who come to Belgium, are going te return to the States thinking that we are the most crazy fans on the planet.

But they seemed to enjoy it as much as we were. The energy they produced with their powerful rock and moving riffs was, without hesitation or difficulty, translated to the crowd. These gave a kind of homely feeling and interaction that I have rarely seen before. Add lack of a photo pit so that front row actually became front row, and you’ll have people just hanging in the front with something to drink, just enjoying the intense melodies and lyrics.

This year they had another guest artist, Robin Vining. A cheery and multi-talented guy who actually played every instrument they had with them. He clearly had no trouble at all joining in in the jokes and humour because now and then we really had a good laugh because of the band interacting with each other. Which of course added to the atmosphere.

We were more then happy with what we saw. Music and a great atmosphere is what we came for and exactly what we left with. Jimmy Eat World is a top class act who succeed in making their gigs all about the music without too much compromise for unnecessary show and drama. We hope they’ll come back to Belgium in the near future to give us more of these intense and excellent performances.

And last but not least we want to add one more awesome fact. I think that Jimmy Eat World is about the only band on this planet who is epic enough to sign all their CD’s and Vinyls before putting them for sale at the merchandise booth. Very nice and special touch guys!

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