Sony & Game Mania go all out with the release of the brand new PS4! – 28 nov. 2013


In the evening of nov. 28th 2013, Game Mania & Sony had a special night in mind for those who pre-ordered their Play-Station 4. A spectacular release for Sony’s latest member of the Play-Station family.

For one night the Game Mania Flagshipstore was covered with a brick wall. Two selected members of the crowd had the honour of breaking it down at midnight and, in doing so, lay their hands on the first Play-Station 4’s sold in Belgium.

“With every special event at night we try to make it all about the experience. But with this stunt, in collaboration with Sony Playstation and with the ‘This is for the players’, this was something completely different for us to. The Gamers, who are used to our special events are really excited about this!”, said Tom Henderikx of Game Mania.

Nobody new what to expect when they arrived in Merksem (Antwerp). All those who were invited showed up to see nothing but a huge black curtain and a clock ticking to midnight. Everything was hidden very well from these excited gamers. When the curtain fell, they were all pretty shocked to see that they had the huge task of breaking down an actual wall to get to their brand new console.

Bart van de Giessen, Managing Director Sony Computer Entertainment Benelux, likes tot add that: “We are very excited with the positive reactions from gamers in Benelux after the announcement in February. We have all the faith in the world that we will live up to the expectations!”

A really spectacular release, one that will go straight in the gaming-history-books without a doubt!


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