Retrospect: Ratchet and Clank 1


Why haven’t I finished the game?

I started the game and got about 90% into it, before the festivities started that were Christmas and New Years eve, seeing as the game was unfinished it made the list.

The game was created by Insomniac and is a Playstation exclusive, and released as a classic for the ps3 by IdolMinds. The reason why I bought the game was simple, first and foremost there’s 3 games for a price at which you’ll be lucky to find even one game, and I knew for a fact these games were fun. It had all started ages ago, when the game was released on Playstation 2, I was more of a Jak and Daxter sort of type back then, so I had skimmed over the title and not taken notice. A friend of mine however also had a Ps2, and had bought the game. I had borrowed the game and finished it on the platform. When I saw the remake, I was elated and didn’t really think twice about putting my money down to buy these games. I haven’t yet played Ratchet and Clank 2 or 3, but I’m fairly certain those games will deliver as much fun as this game has. Graphically, the game is ported quite well, but there are some minor graphical glitches here and there, nothing that’ll make you want to throw the controller at your screen, but they are noticeable. It must be said this is a port from the olden days, so even then I’m amazed at how appealing the art style and graphics are.

The story is of Ratchet, a marsupial like creature, who one day discovers a runaway robot, Clank, which is on a quest to stop the evil Drek, a man taking extreme to a higher level, his home planet being polluted, he finds no better excuse to build a new planet, you heard it right, not just deport every citizen to an already existing planet and save them that way. No he has to build his own, and demolish several eco systems along the way.

The sound is decent, there’s a couple of tracks but I don’t know if it’s just 1 or many, they loop and change so seamlessly, it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. It’s one of those things you don’t notice unless you pay special attention to it.  The voice acting is clear, and high quality.

Gameplay wise I covered that you’ll get a rather big bang for your buck. There’s a hub system where you travel from planet to planet, and you’ll need items from one planet to get to parts of the other planets. You’ll get the coordinates from infobots scattered around certain locations. But you’ll not only traverse the planets on foot. You’ll compete in hoverboard races, shoot down gun turrets and go toe to toe with giant robots.

All in all, I’m glad I get to tag a game off my list and be in the knowing I’m 1 game further into my collection. On to the next one.

Article by: Bart Verbeke


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