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Having an Apple computer on your desk might be one of the most clean desk things you can do computerwise but having the wireless trackpad and keyboard to have the ultimate cordless and clean desk experience isn’t always as good as it seems. Batteries in the wireless keyboard and trackpad seem to die faster than a mosquito on a hot summer night. No worries, Mobee has just the thing to soothe your troubles.


The future might be in induction based chargers but implementing them in a way that supplements your desk instead of being a sore in your eye isn’t the easiest task in the world. Mobee has foreseen the future and thought it all out. With their Magic Bar, they bring a sleek and simple addition to your desk that can charge both your devices cordlessly.

Well when I say cordlessly I obviously don’t mean that Mobee has succeeded where Tesla has failed, you need a USB cable to give some juice to your Magic Bar, but nothing that cannot be minimalized as to keep your desk as clean as possible. The USB cable is pretty long which makes it possible to use it either with power from your computer or from a USB charger on the back of your desk. Please note that you are able to use your keyboard or trackpad during the charging but we preferred to let it charge and keep using the keyboard wirelessly.

The setup is easy, just remove the batteries from your keyboard and/or trackpad and screw in the battery pack that came with your Magic Bar. That’s it actually, not ten steps plan that leads up to the conclusion that you’re missing three screws and some other parts, just screw in the battery and you’re ready to go. This simplicity is resembled in the packaging of the product, the setup is printed on the inside of the box and the packaging had no added whistles or bells to minimalize environmental impact.


Charging is equally as easy, just slide the trackpad or keyboard in the Magic Bar and the light will go green indicating that connection is made. A full charge will take some time but I just left it in the charger overnight and the next day the keyboard was ready to go.

We left this product sit on our desk for a couple of weeks, not to keep you waiting for the review but, to give the battery a proper testing. I must say that I am quite impressed with the battery life. In the past my batteries seemed to die every two weeks. Leaving my Mac Keyboard to be the most environmental unfriendly piece of garbage I ever bought. Even leading up to the point where I attached my iMac G3 keyboard for a couple of days just because the wireless keyboard was getting under my skin. The autonomy of the Mobee battery pack is now at three to four weeks and going. Almost doubling the autonomy of my regular AA batteries and it still is on 80%.

Conclusion, the Mobee Magic Bar is a clean and simple addition to your desk that will take the only frustration you have about your Trackpad and Keyboard and turning it 180° to loving to charge it. It makes charging simple and boosts your autonomy to the point where you forget that you are working with a wireless keyboard.



Mobee Magic Bar

2 comments to Mobee Magic Bar

  • Deb M  says:

    So far so good…..I received my Magic bar for my Macs keyboard yesterday. Whoopee!
    However, I have a simple question. As it is charging, the magic bar has a green blinking light. Is it charging and/or what action/color will it show when is it fully charged?
    Thanks for your ideas!

  • Mobee Sucks  says:

    The battery stick that comes with the Mobee has the worst no brand NiMH batteries ever. Read frustrated reviews online everywhere. Simple solution: open the battery pack with a small screwdriver; carefully pry loose the two halfs, replace the generic no brand junk with two fresh AAA NiMH batteries, close the battery stick and you are good to go.
    I love my Mobee stick but it is crazy that even though they are aware of it they keep selling them with these extremely bad batteries inside.

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