Game review – God of War Ascension

God of War: Ascension

The newest member of the God of War family is equally as epic as its predecessor: God of War III. This latest installment takes place before the first God of War game.


god-of-war-ascension-gameplay-demo-kratos-hasnt-lost-his-brutal-touchKratos was bound to Ares by his promise to serve him if he would slaughter his enemies. Once the deal had been settled, Kratos was held to this. The ones who took up the duty to keep him to his word were the Furies. Realizing he got the short end of the deal, Kratos is out to get out from under it.  He has to get rid of the Furies in order to do that.



God of War has always been a Playstation Exclusive, and so the grapics are beyond fantastic. This notion is strengthened by the fact that the game requires little to no installation. So you might think that you’ll need massive loading times… Well think again, there were no loading times I could remember, so even if there were, they are so insignificant they are swallowed whole by the sheer magnitude of the game.


gow_kratosEqually astounding is the technique used for the game’s backbone. Dubbed: VoMoCap by the creators. Mocap –short for Motion Capture- is the part where people wear suits that record their movements, as they do so, they get translated and used in game. This in turn makes for more fluent movement in game, and a more convincing narrative. Afterward the voices get dubbed over. Now VoMoCap makes it that the sound gets recorded whilst the physical action is being recorded. Which in turn makes for a more convincing voice acting.


Gameplay wise nothing has really changed, if you are used to the older generation of God of War games, you’ll be set for another thrilling combat brawler, spilling guts and brains all over the different vistas. For those new to the game, and worried that the combat might overwhelm them, fear not. There’s not much to master, but in its simplicity, it has made for a sturdy foundation. Expect a game that plays fast and where the action is ever present. In the former games you were burdened by tons of weapons which you unlocked as you played through the game. The creators have trimmed a little of the excess and have made the weapons that were available more flexible to work with. As per norm in a God Of War game, there are the ‘Blades of Chaos’. These can be upgraded for extra damage. A bit bland you say? There are 4 different elements to infuse them with: Zeus’ Lightning, Flames of Ares, Souls of Hades and last but not least: Poseidon’s Ice. You want a strong mage attack? Toss in a flames of Ares magic attack, want to freeze your enemies? Tune in on Poseidon. Want to haunt your enemies? Souls of Hades will do that for you. Now that’s not the only way to induce pain and misery, occasionally you’ll encounter other weaponry, these break however, so they are more of a last resort, to stun an enemy or do some crowd control.

When you want a break from the single player, which can be conquered at about 15 hours, taken skill and difficulty into the equation, you can dig in the multiplayer.

The thing about most multiplayer extras is that that’s all they are. Multiplayer is usually tacked on and lessens the experience. Here however, the Meta game makes adds onto the single player, it’s solid, well thought out, and it gives plenty of satisfaction, as you duke it out against others in a team free for all, or a capture the flag. Every time you win a match or lose one, you’ll gain experience, this adds to your character, giving it more skills and stronger armor as you progress. But before you get to dig into that, you’ll have to defeat the tutorial after you’ve chosen your preferred entity. Every single one of them has its merits and its demerits. Choose wisely as you represent Olympus.



A game which has been on my ‘want’ list ever since the first teaser came out. A little skeptic about the multiplayer, but I have thrown that notion out the window. A game where hack ‘n slash/ God of War fans will have a hoot with. Definitely a must have if you are looking for a decent violent action packed experience. Newcomers to the series don’t have to worry as this is the start of the franchise, and the story will be told from the beginning. The low learning curve and the easy to grasp combat make it so much more satisfying. Multiplayer wise it was wise to give an option of training your character on a Solo version of ‘Challenge of the Gods’. No worrying about being too low level and being owned by the higher ups.


+ No loading times in single player

+ Graphically astounding

+ Sound is top notch

+ Very simple combat, easy to master

+ Multiplayer is easy to learn and to adapt to.




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